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What if fashion design was just as simple as making a poster?

jelli.Studio's premium fashion analytics and AI design solutions are modeled against market trends and insights sourced from a wide variety of data channels, enabling you to effortlessly reimagine the fashion capsule collection design process from a data-driven perspective

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Made for tomorrow designs,
designed today

We are on the cusp of a fashion revolution

Build in-depth analytics reports to understand customer behaviour, competitor's performance and market trends. Create capsule collection designs assisted by AI with the latest market data.






Design Generations


Fashion Market Research

Analyze data in context, from multiple channels including  trending brand’s official websites, retail & resale marketplaces, web 3.0 metaverse, and social media & search platforms. Drill-down analytics by time frame, gender, product category, and more.

Materials Query

Style Insight

Identify Competitors

Color Comparison

Web 3.0 Trends 

Theme Analysis


Coming Soon...

Capsule collection image generation via AI

Design costs become higher as the design matures; our proprietary vector-text-matrix toolset empowers you to create or re-create any shape or sketch at anytime in your design process. Or leverage our in-house AI to create your own capsule collection with ease, based on the latest market data.

What You Can Do

Connecting global fashion market data in seconds

Discover, assess, and identify new market opportunities from a broad range of data by Jelli.Studio.  Our platform empowers you to plan and create your next collections in an effective way.

Brand Official Site

Track and analyze over 70% of the fashion brands across the global market

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Retail Marketplace

Covering over 300 retail touch points with 20+ product categories

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Resale Marketplace

With over 1 million fashion pieces tracked on resale marketplaces

Web 3.0 Metaverse

Explore 3,000+ digital fashion clothes from avant-garde designer brands and 3D designers

Social & Search

Track and monitor over 10,000 fashion brands on social media and search engines

Pricing Plans

Our plans are specifically designed for anyone. No matter you’re an individual, a startup company or an enterprise, we have the plan that would satisfy your business goals.

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About Us

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Research, Analytics, Design

Next-generation fashion analytics and intelligence

Jellibeans is embracing innovative technologies for fashion. We aim to help designers, brands, retailers, and manufacturers have a more complete understanding of market trends, build in-depth analytic reports, and provide actionable insights for long-term success.

From basic market research to purpose driven data analytics to creating game-changing fashion designs powered by AI,  jellibeans and jelli.Studio can assist you at every stage of your journey.

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